The tuition fees at the University of Perugia are very competitive, ranging between 150 and 2200 Euros per academic year, depending on the annual family income and on merit (grades and credits). The exact amount of tuition fees for the AA 2023/24 will be determined by the University Regulation which is normally published in August.

The tuition covers access to lectures, exams and final degree. Purchase of textbooks and stationery, living, housing, and transportation costs are not covered. However, funding opportunities are available. Additional information concerning cost of living are available at the following link:

Accommodation availability and scholarship at the University of Perugia are managed by the Regional Agency A.Di.S.U. (Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario dell'Umbria); so, you can apply for the scholarship by following the procedures of the announcement usually published in August at website: