Research Unit of Agronomy and Field Crops

- Scientists (SSD AGR/02)


  • FIELD LAB- open field lab for research on agronomy and field crops

Experimental station of 23 ha located in Papiano (Tiber river valley, click here) equipped with all the machineries and structures necessary to carry out field experiments on arable cropping systems (studies on eco-physiology, agro-meteorology, agro-ecology, sustainable intensification, organic agriculture, precision farming, circular agriculture, cropping systems for food, bioenergy and green chemistry chains).

  • AGRO-METEO-FITO LAB. Laboratories in Perugia, within the central venue of the Department DSA3 (Borgo XX Giugno).

Structures devoted to agronomical analyses of agricultural plants and soils, studies on agrometeorology, ecophysiology, seeds and indoor production of plants and microgreens.

The lab is equipped with the following facilities:


Growth Chamber with LED lamps with adjustable light spectra


Air-conditioned room with LED lamps for growing microgreens and plants


Equipment for mechanical and chemical analyses of plant materials and soils


Room for the cleaning/selection and analysis of seeds


Room for the analysis of meteorological data recorded by the weather stations located in the FIELDLAB


Greenhouse and demonstrative plots of arable crops

- Main research areas

  • Planning and management of agro-systems with high sustainable intensification (Organic Agriculture, Integrated Agriculture, Conservative Agriculture, Precision Agriculture …).
  • Innovative agri-food production systems (indoor farming, vertical farming …).
  • New plant food sources (sprouts and microgreens of cultivated and voluntary plant species).
  • Crop response to artificial light.
  • Crop adaptation to abiotic stresses and nutritional availability.
  • Crop Biofortification.
  • Agronomic strategies for the mitigation of climate change.
  • Planning and management of innovative cropping systems with high agro-biodiversity and resilience.
  • Cultivation technologies with high ecological intensification (conservative tillage, new species and cultivars, fertilization, irrigation, weed management, vegetable crops and arable crops for food, feed, energy, agro-industry, and green chemistry).
  • Cultivation technologies for the quality and safety of agricultural productions (pollutants, marketable quality, technological quality, nutritional and nutraceutical quality).
  • Agronomic technologies for bio-energy and green chemistry chains.
  • Agronomic measures for the safeguard of the environment and landscape (ornamental crops and turfs).
  • Seed biology and technology.
  • Crop and weed eco-physiology.

Biostatistics modelling and experimental methodology


Technical and administrative staff

Stazione sperimentale FIELDLAB (Papiano di Marsciano)

Daniele Luchetti, responsabile operativo del FIELDLAB

Piero Bonciarelli

Enzo Luchetti

Fabio Ferretti (a tempo parziale)

Patrizia Cannoni

Antonella Tizzi (a tempo parziale)

Daved Sforna

Laboratorio AGROFITOMETEOLAB di Perugia

Silvano Locchi


Coordinator:  Prof. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.