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Compost-recipe a composting optimization calculator

For the composting process to begin and proceed regularly, the mixture to be composted must have some well-defined chemical-physical characteristics.

Compost-recipe is a computer applications useful for the correct definition of the mixture of raw materials to be composted. It uses a new calculation model that takes into consideration the most important parameters: C:N ratio, Moisture, pH, Bulk Density; to these parameters it adds the possibility of considering the ratio between Available Carbon and Total Nitrogen, since it has been seen that it is of fundamental importance to consider the actual availability of carbon. Also, the calculation model takes into account the procurement cost of raw materials, which are often of such importance that they deeply influence the decision on the type of mixture to be processed.

Compost-recipe uses rigorous Linear Programming models to optimize the mixture, but within a simple-to-use application. It can be easily used in large composting plants, in farm composting, and in home and laboratory composting.


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Copyright - This freeware software is jointly owned by the University of Perugia and the Operating Group Re.Valo.Biom both based in Italy.

Credits - 'This software was developed within the Agreegreen project (, funded under the EU Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 of Umbria Region, Italy.