Food Science and Technology Research Unit (SSD AGR/15).

The Research Unit AGR/15 pertaining to DSA3 mainly deals with quality, process and product innovation and enhancement of co-products of the food industry, operating as a priority in the olive-oil and oenological sectors, cereals and derivatives such as baked goods and fermented beverages.

Staff (SSD AGR/15)

Sonia Esposto \Scholar \Scopus 

Ombretta Marconi \Scholar \Scopus 

Giuseppe Italo Francesco Perretti \Scholar \Scopus  

Roberto Selvaggini \Scholar \Scopus  

Maurizio Servili \Scholar \Scopus

Agnese Taticchi \Scholar \Scopus

Gianluca Veneziani \Scholar \Scopus

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Main research topics:

  • chemical and functional characterization of bioactive molecules with a health and sensory impact contained in various food matrices with particular reference to phenolic substances and non-starchy polysaccharides (beta glucans and arabinoxylans);
  • characterization of volatile substances with sensory impact present in foods with particular reference to those responsible for the flavour and off-flavour notes of the product;
  • study of the influence of climatic, agronomic, and technological variables on the quality of olives and virgin olive oils and on cereal raw materials used in the production of innovative baked goods and fermented beverages;
  • study of predictive models aimed at defining the shelf-life of extra virgin olive oils in relation to the different forms of packaging and the different storage conditions (light and temperature). Evaluation and development of methodologies for the determination of the shelf-life of bakery products and fermented beverages with low alcohol content;
  • new technological approaches for the enhancement of co-products from the mechanical extraction process of virgin olive oils and the production of fermented beverages, in order to improve the production efficiency of the system, the eco-compatibility of the olive-oil and beer supply chains;
  • development of production processes of formulations based on bioactive phenolic substances for the production of functional foods or as ingredients of natural origin with antioxidant and antimicrobial activity for use in the food and livestock industry;
  • development of production processes and characterization of gluten-free formulations such as bakery foods and fermented beverages;
  • use of by-products of the fermented beverage industry (spent grain, trub, and exhausted yeasts) as ingredients in the formulation of functional foods and innovative materials for food packaging;
  • production and analytical, sensory and health characterization of new foods with functional and probiotic properties obtainable from co-products of the wine, oil and beer industry;
  • analytical activities for third parties on fatty substances, and oenological, cereals, and milling products.

Research projects

The Teachers of the Research Unit AGR/15 are involved in numerous research projects of both national and international importance.

Third mission activity

As regards the third mission, the Research Unit has developed the following activities for the purpose of transferring the acquired scientific knowledge:

  • patent development;
  • support activities for agri-food companies (PSR);
  • support activities for companies in the agri-food sector on specific topics established through specific research agreements.


Technical and administrative staff 

Castellani Marilena 

Cesarini Carmela 

Farfanelli Mario 

Galardini Rosanna 

Giglioni Michele Arcangelo 

Santibacci Roberto 


Research assistant

Beatrice Sordini  

Luigi Daidone  

Antonietta Lorefice  


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