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Tree Biotechnology Laboratory

Tree Ecophysiology Laboratory

Tree Cultivation and Nursery Innovations Laboratory

In vitro Micropropagation and Biotechnology Laboratory


Main lines of research

The main objective of the research activity of the Tree Crops RU is to obtain high fruit production with sensorial, neutraceutical and health quality, able to ensure adequate profit, with environmental sustainability in order to maintain a good balance between the plant and the surrounding environment over time as well as to protect and enhance the landscape and combat climate change.

The study of the physiology and biology of tree species and the identification and application of innovative technologies and biotechnologies form the basis for achieving these objectives.

Development of the RU lines of research is based on direct and continuous interchange with Institutions, Businesses and Consumers, in order to synergize the energies available for scientific advancements capable of producing benefits for the entire community, also considering the impact of current choices on future generations. There are numerous collaborations with national and international research groups. In summary, the main lines of research are:

  • Characterization and enhancement of olive, grapevine and hazelnut biodiversity in relation to cropping patterns, climate change, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress and product quality. Recovery, characterization, and enhancement of autochthonous and minor genotypes and their conservation in collection fields as well as through in vitro culture techniques.
  • Analysis and optimisation of the adaptation/resilience mechanisms of olive trees, grapevines and hazelnuts against both single and multiple environmental stresses, intensified by climate change. Innovative strategies, biofortification and use of biostimulants for the control of abiotic and biotic stresses in olive, grapevines and hazelnut trees.
  • Optimisation of propagation techniques and of the varietal platform with the development of new varieties, particularly for hazelnut (eg. Tonda Francescana ® variety). Optimisation of micropropagation protocols of tree species.
  • Identification of innovative cultivation strategies, also through the application of precision arboriculture techniques, economically sustainable and eco-compatible for olive groves, vineyards and hazelnut orchards, in order to obtain high yields and improve the health properties and composition of the products at both the macro- and micro-structural level, improve the sensory quality and enhance the neutraceutical value of the products, particularly oil and wine.
  • Apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to increase the sustainability of the supply chains connected to tree crops and identify useful strategies to combat climate change. Monetization of ecosystem services connected to tree plantations through the use of “sustainability credits”.
  • Study of anatomical, physiological and biochemical aspects, also using hydroponic and in vitro culture techniques, connected to the production processes of fruit trees, with particular reference to factors responsible for tree vigour, response and adaptation to stress, source-sink relationships, fruit metabolism during development and ripening.
  • Study of the arboreal component in agricultural contexts, in populated areas and natural systems also to conserve and enhance the landscape.
  • Technical-economic-logistical optimisation of the composting processes of the by-products of agri-food chains to obtain quality compost within the context of circular economy.


Services (Third mission)

  • Coordination of numerous RDPs (16.1 and 16.2)
  • Germplasm collections in vivo and in vitro of olive, grapevine, hazelnut, walnut and other fruit and ornamental species of the University of Perugia.
  • Lectures in extra-university extension courses (including e-learning and webinars), summer schools, technical days and training seminars, organization of regional, national and international conferences.
  • Publication of technical manuals on tree crops, including in vitro crops and extension articles in specialized magazines and on specialized websites.
  • Editors and members of editorial committees of journals of national and international importance.
  • Member of the technical-scientific committee for evaluating applications for registration in the Regional Register for the Protection of the Genetic Heritage of Agricultural Interest at Risk of Genetic Erosion.
  • Collaboration with the Foundation for Agricultural Education in Perugia for the technological transfer for the nursery phase of the new hazelnut variety Tonda Francescana ®.
  • Participation in certified panels and regional and national competition commissions for the sensory evaluation of olive oil and table olives.


Coordinator Prof. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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