Research unit – Bioeconomics

This research unit studies the economic decision-making process, by public and private agents, for supporting the development of more sustainable agricultural and agri-food systems and promoting ecosystems services and values. The research activity mainly involves the agricultural, agri-food and natural resources sectors, with an interdisciplinary approach.


Teaching / Research staff (SSD AGR / 01)


Antonio Boggia \Scopus \Scholar

Massimo Chiorri \Scopus \Scholar

Angelo Frascarelli \Scopus \Scholar 

Andrea Marchini \Scopus \Scholar

Gaetano Martino \Scopus \Scholar

Francesco Musotti \Scopus \Scholar

Antonio Pierri \Scopus

Lucia Rocchi \Scopus \Scholar

Biancamaria Torquati \Scholar \Scopus

Technical and Administrative staff

Carla Cortina

Claudio Passaro

Andrea Ottaviani




LABORATORY OF APPLIED ECONOMICS – This laboratory offers specific software for supporting socio-economic research in the agricultural and agri-food fields, as well as for research on rural and sustainable development.

Main research lines

Agri-industrial innovation

Agri-industrial marketing

Environmental resource management

Environmental assessments

Circular economy

Economics and politics of sustainable development

Regulation of the agri-industrial sector

Landscape management

Biological agriculture

Consultancy models for farms

Urban agriculture

Short supply chains

Contractual models for markets and within territories

Company administration

Multifunctional agriculture and corporate social responsibility


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