Study of plant biodiversity through detection, analysis, interpretation, diagnosis, mapping, and support to the management of plant communities and Annex I Habitats (Dir. 92/43/CEE).

Analysis of the distribution, ecology, and demography of populations of plant species of conservation relevance (All. II-IV-V Dir. 92/43/EEC, Red Lists, crop wild relatives-CWR).

Assessment and Red-Listing of plant species and habitats, with reference to the IUCN protocols.

Planning and support for the management of Natura 2000 Sites and Protected Areas.

Study of invasive alien plant species and communities, and related impacts.



Precision on Aerobiology: monitoring of airborne microbiome in indoor and outdoor aerosol for the prevention and control of airborne respiratory diseases.

Management of the daily aerobiological monitoring database (since 1982) for Ecology studies aimed to control of alien species and the assessment of climate change.

Effect of environmental stress (climate change and atmospheric pollution) on pollen performance of cultivated and allergenic anemophilic plants.

Stress responses

Plant responses to single or combined biotic and abiotic stresses: effects on photosynthesis, oxidative stress, antioxidant systems.

Studies related to major molecular signals (hormonal and non-hormonal) and their signaling-transduction pathways in the regulation of defense gene expression.

Plant-fungi symbiosis

Study of the biology, ecology and cultivation of valuable truffle species; ecological, morphological and molecular analysis of the variability of species complexes.

Mycorrhization with species not yet on the market and with white truffles; assessment and certification of truffle plants produced by Italian nurseries.

Identification of hypogeous fungi and certification of truffle batches; study of the microbiome of natural truffle sites and management of truffle habitats.



Identification of plant material from historical, archaeological and museum finds.

Reproduction Biology in higher plants and microscopy

Study of reproductive biology in higher plants with particular attention to fruit development

Study of the interactions between plant species from a physiological and cyto-histological point of view.

Optical and electron microscopy studies aimed at characterizing species of agricultural and ecological interest, considering both wild type and mutant lines.


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