(Prof. Daniela Businelli)

Biofortification of crops with selenium: effects on biochemical characteristics of plants, and on nutritional properties of the edible part and food products.

Biofortification of crops with selenium: effects on the induction of plant resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses.

Selenium speciation in soils, plant material and food products.

Use of products from agro-food industry biomass recovery for the development of slow-release iron fertilizers in calcareous soils.

Evaluation of sequestering capacity of minerals in order to decrease the concentration of soluble metal ions in soils.


(Prof. Daniele Del Buono)

Studies of the mechanism of action of biostimulants and their use to increase crop resistance to biotic/abiotic stresses.

Phytodepuration of water contaminated by heavy metals and herbicides.

Effect of agrochemicals on plant nutrition.

Studies on antioxidant responses activated by plants under abiotic stress.

Detoxification of agrochemicals in crops.

Biogenic synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles and their use on crops.

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Technical and administrative staff

Roberto D’Amato

Antonella Mangiamacco

Anna Montanucci