Teaching staff:

Emidio Albertini, Associate Prof. \Scholar \Scopus

Egizia Falistocco, Associate Prof. \Scopus

Silvia Lorenzetti, Researcher

Gianpiero Marconi, Associate Prof. \Scholar \Scopus

Valeria Negri, Associate Prof. \Scholar \Scopus

Lorenzo Raggi Researcher \Scholar \Scopus

Daniele Rosellini, Associate Prof. \ScopusScholar

Luigi Russi, Associate Prof. \Scholar \Scopus 


Basic research:

i) Reproductive systems in plants of agricultural importance;

ii) control of gene expression in plants;

iii) cytogenetics, plant evolution and biodiversity;

iv) plant epigenetics and epigenomics;

v) genetic structure of plant populations;

vi) genetic engineering and development of molecular markers in plants.

Applied research:

i) management of the plant gene bank of the Department;

ii) DNA analysis and sequencing;

iii) making available the Working database of the Italian vascular flora, of the Italian Crop Wild Relative Check Lists, of the Italian Prioritized Inventories of Crop Wild Relatives and of the First inventory of In Situ Maintained Landraces of Italy;

iv) breeding new plant varieties for sustainable agriculture.


Cytogenetics laboratory;

Genetic biotechnology laboratory;

Plant gene bank;


Greenhouse, 300 m2;

Experimental field, San Martino in Campo (PG), 9 ha.


Technical and administrative staff 

Mirella Baccellini
Gianluca Magurno
Sabrina Martinetti
Loredana Sassinelli
Francesco Vecchietti
Stefano Vergoni


Nicoletta Ferradini Post Doc
Marika Bocchini  Post Doc
Niccolò Terzaroli PhD student
Giacomo Bongiorno PhD student

Coordinator: Prof. Emidio Albertini