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The Research Unit of Microbiology hosts the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG (http://www.dbvpg.unipg.it/index.php/en/) and investigates the taxonomy, biodiversity and biotechnology of yeasts and fungi. Its main scientific interests are:

  • Isolation, characterization and ex-situ conservation of yeasts.
  • Molecular taxonomy of yeasts and description of new species.
  • Characterization by metagenomic approach – NGS – of fungal communities of cold ecosystems (Antarctic and Arctic areas, Himalaya, Ands, Alps).
  • Selection of yeasts for producing secondary metabolites (e.g. lipids, pigments, enzymes, volatile organic compounds, etc.) and unconventional fermented food, and for stereoselective biocatalysis.
  • Isolation and genotyping of yeast-like organisms of the genus Prototheca
  • Assessment of antimicrobial activity of natural and/or synthetic compounds against yeasts of medical and/or veterinary interest.


Pietro Buzzini \Scholar \Scopus

Benedetta Turchetti \Scholar \Scopus


PhD student

Ambra Mezzasoma

Irina Pinchuk

Research assistant

Ciro Sannino

Domenico Aiello (CIRIAF)


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