The Research Unit of Animal Sciences (UR-SZ) derives from the Institute of General Zootechnics, which in turn has its origins from the School of Zootechnics (D.M. 24 September 1896). Professors of the Chair were, among others, prof. Ezio Marchi, Carlo Pucci, Cesare Gugnoni, Antonio Cugnini, Pietro Brozzetti, Remo Fratteggiani Bianchi and Domenico Maria Sarti. At the same time, the skills of the Poultry and Rabbit Production, were carried out by Prof. Rosa Sacchi, Francesco Costantini and Marcella Bernardini. In 1984, these Institutes were integrated into a single Institute of Animal Science, which evolved into the Department of Animal Sciences (1999). From 2005, the Department of Animal Sciences flowed into a new Department of Plant Biology and Agri-Environmental and Zootechnical Biotechnologies and successively, in the Department of Applied Biology. In this period the Section of Animal Sciences was coordinated by Prof. Francesco Panella.

Finally, in 2014 the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (DSA3) was born, and the Animal Sciences unit (UR-SZ) continues the well-rooted tradition within the DSA3, it is coordinated by Prof. Luciano Morbidini, and composed of the following teachers:

Some research areas of the UR

AGR/17: animal breeding of livestock species, with particular reference to the characterization, protection and enhancement of animal biodiversity through classical as well as molecular genetics. Development of innovative genetic improvement strategies aimed both at increasing quantitative and qualitative performance and at solving emerging problems such as adaptability to climate change and sustainability.

AGR/19: use of Co-products from the agri-food industry in animal feed and effect on the quality of products, in particular on the biosynthesis of fatty acids and oxidative stability of meat, milk and derivatives. Precision farming in cattle, sheep and pig farms. Pastoral activity and agroecosystems: development of new strategies for extensive livestock of ruminant.

AGR/20: development of extensive and organic farming systems in poultry, rabbit and aquaculture (adaptability to genotypes, environmental impact, multi-criteria analysis, product quality, animal welfare, agroforestry). Role of poultry biodiversity in alternative systems. Modulation of the microbiota in chickens and rabbits. Study of lipid metabolism and oxidative stress in chicken and rabbit. Use of the rabbit as an animal model.

Some third mission activities of the UR.

- Breeding and sale of Comisana breed subjects registered in the Herd Book.

- Diffusion of poultry biodiversity in Italy.

- Extension services for breeders of Central Italy.

- Genotyping at the myostatin locus for the Marchigiana cattle breed.


Technical and administrative staff

Paolo Lattaioli.

Giuseppe Covarelli;

Attilio Mazzoccanti.

Cinzia Boldrini;

Osvaldo Mandoloni;

Giovanni Migni.


Adriana Campione PhD Students

Elisa Cotozzolo PhD Students

Samira Giovannini Post Doc and Assistant of Research

Alice Cartoni Mancinelli Assistant of Research

Simona Mattioli Assistant of Research

Francesco Perini PhD Students

Camilla Pomente Assistant of Research

Giacomo Rovelli PhD Students


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