Isolation, identification and characterization of yeasts-like organisms

Description of the research

One of the activities of the DBVPG Collection is related to the study and conservation of Prototheca spp. strains, isolated from the barns environment of cattle farms (milk, litter, faeces, drinking and washing water, swabs).

The Prototheca genus includes unicellular, yeast-like, chlorophyll-free micro-algae, taxonomically related to the Chlorella genus. This genus was described in 1894 and, based on the latest taxonomic revision (sequencing of the mitochondrial cytb gene), includes 14 species: Prototheca blaschkeae, Prototheca bovis, Prototheca cerasi, Prototheca ciferrii, Prototheca cookei, Prototheca cutis, Prototheca miyajii, Prototheca moriformis, Prototheca pringsheimii, Prototheca stagnora, Prototheca tumulicola, Prototheca wickerhamii, Prototheca xanthoriae and Prototheca zopfii.

Strains of the Prototheca genus are typically associated with wetlands containing manure and decaying plant material. They have also been isolated from running and still water, water tanks, silage waste water, wells, washing water, water from purification plants, milking equipment and fodder for cattle feeding. Strains of Prototheca spp. were also isolated from environmental sites (soil, water, mouse faeces) contiguous to farms contaminated by these micro-algae, indicating that the cells of Prototheca spp. have to be considered widely dispersed in barns environment.

Some species of Prototheca genus can cause infections in both humans and animals. Human prototecosis is predominantly associated with the species P. wickerhamii; in contrast, bovine mastitis (the most common protothecosis in animals) is mainly caused by P. bovis and P. blaschkeae.

Bovine mastitis caused by Prototheca spp. is considered a problem of increasing gravity on a global scale and the effectiveness of antibiotic therapies is still controversial.

That was the reason why the researchers of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences working in the DBVPG Collection investigated the presence of Prototheca within various Italian farms, characterizing their diversity and preserving the isolated strains within the collection. Furthermore, some bioactive molecules have been tested in vitro as possible means for controlling the spread of pathogenic Prototheca species.

Papers published on the subject in the last 5 years

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Papers published on the subject in the last 5 years

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