Other services available at the DBVPG Collection:

  • large scale yeast biomass preparation for starter (wine making, brewing)
  • microscopic examination of yeast cultures
  • microbial count
  • isolation in pure culture
  • determination of the antimicrobial activity of commercial preparations
  • determination of technological characteristics of yeast cultures: fermentative power, fermentability tests, growth curve, biomass yield
  • evaluation of the presence of Prototheca in cattle sheds samples, isolation and identification


For any information on other DBVPG services please contact:

Benedetta Turchetti
Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG
Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
University of Perugia
Borgo XX Giugno, 74
I-06121 Perugia, Italy
tel: +39 075 585-6487/6070

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